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Valued Guests,

As the Corendon Hotels & Resorts Family, we attach importance to your health, as we have always done. We have missed you considerably during the time we suspended our services, while continuing our work in order to present you a much higher level of hygiene in our services. We await you at our resorts for a pleasant holiday where you will feel safe. We monitored and are continuing to monitor the developments concerning the Covid-19 Pandemic during this period when the world banded together.

Our priority is to present you with a safe, healthy and peaceful holiday. Therefore, we have reviewed all of our work processes, updated our risk assessments and revised our  procedures and instructions by taking into account the rules of hygiene, social distancing, use of masks and isolation, in all of the steps of our services by taking as a reference the statements made by the Science Committee of the T.R. Ministry of Health and the publication entitled “Operational Matters for the Management of Covid-19”, published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the Accommodation Sector. We would like to share the precautions we have taken and the changes we have made as the Corendon Hotels & Resorts Family, with you.



  • An Occupational Health and Safety Committee has been formed at our Resorts in order to ensure our staff are able to work with high levels of motivation in a healthy and safe working environment. The Committee monitors and oversees the precautions which have been taken.
  • All of our staff are subjected to health checks and are tracked by our Workplace Physician.
  • All of our Staff have obtained Hygiene training and received certificates in this respect.
  • All of our Staff have received training and been made aware on the matters of Protection from Infectious Diseases and Preventing the Spread of Infections.
  • The areas used by our Staff have been arranged in accordance with the rules of social distancing.
  • The materials and hand disinfectants necessary for personal hygiene are present in our Staff areas.
  • The uniforms of Staff are changed on a daily basis, washed at above 60 C and ironed.
  • Our service vehicles are cleaned and disinfected both before and after every time they are used.
  • Our service vehicles operate at 50% capacity and the use of the services without masks is not permitted.
  • All of our Staff have their temperatures taken when they arrive at work. Any member of staff with a high temperature is not admitted to work.
  • All of our Staff wear masks during their work, in order to protect both your health and theirs



  • Disinfection procedures are performed using antiviral and antibacterial products which have been approved by the T.R. Ministry of Health and which possess biocidal product certificates, in all of the common areas of our resorts.
  • The disinfection procedures are carried out by expert teams.
  • The ventilation systems and air conditioning units in all of the indoor areas of our resorts are frequently cleaned and disinfected.
  • The frequency of the cleaning and disinfection procedures of the toilets and wash rooms in our common areas has been increased.
  • Anti bacterial soaps and hand disinfectants are present in the toilets and wash rooms in the common areas.
  • Our seating groups in all of our common areas have been arranged in accordance with the rules of social distancing.
  • The interiors and in particular the call buttons of our elevators are frequently disinfected and the ventilation system is cleaned regularly.



  • The vehicles used for the transfers of our guests are cleaned and disinfected both before and after every time they are used.
  • The wearing of masks in the transfer vehicles is mandatory and hand disinfectants are present in the vehicles.



Our precautions in order to reduce contact and maintain social distancing during your room check-in procedures are as follows:

  • All of our guests will have their temperatures taken during check-in and in the event of any problems, this will be shared with the specific guest only, in accordance with the Legislation Concerning the Protection of Personal Data. The required action will be taken in line with the instructions set out in our action plans.
  • Automatic disinfection devices are present in our luggage rooms and your luggage will be placed on luggage trolleys after being disinfected. Our luggage trolleys are also cleaned and disinfected both before and after every time they are used.
  • The room key card is disinfected.



The following precautions are taken in order to ensure safe accommodation in your rooms, which have been prepared, cleaned and disinfected especially for you:

  • Our rooms are periodically disinfected with special antiviral and anti bacterial disinfectants, which have been approved by the T.R. Ministry of Health and which provide a high level of protection, at periodic intervals.
  • The rooms of guests who have left the hotel will be cleaned and disinfected with special care.
  • The housekeeping staff who perform the cleaning of the rooms carry out their procedures with a separate mask and gloves in each room.
  • Single use wash and dispose cloths are used when cleaning rooms.
  • Effective alcohol-based disinfectants and chlorine-based disinfectants are used when cleaning rooms.
  • Our housekeeping staff will not do things such as shaking or flapping the sheets and bed covers when changing them.
  • All textile products used in the rooms are disinfected by washing at between 60-90 C and ironing them.
  • The guest amenities prepared for the daily use of our guests are disinfected before being placed.
  • In line with the instructions, ozone disinfection procedures are carried out in the rooms once our housekeeping staff have completed their cleaning in the rooms, making the rooms ready for guest use.
  • All of the cleaning and disinfection procedures performed in the rooms are checked by trained housekeeping supervisors.



The room occupancy rates at our resorts will be limited in order to ensure that social distancing can be maintained. Thus, our restaurants and bars have been organised in a manner which is more comfortable.

  • Hand disinfectant devices are present at points which are easily accessible to our guests, at all of our bars and restaurants.
  • Entries into and exits from the restaurants and bars will be through separate doors and directions are provided.
  • Ta and Coffee machines which are for common use will not be used during this period and tea and coffee will be served by our staff to your tables.
  • Social distancing floor markings are present at our buffets and bars.
  • The armrests of the tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected after guests leave, making them ready for new guests, in all of our restaurants and bars.
  • The ISO 22000:2015 Food Safety Management Standards are implemented in full in all of our food and beverage areas and our staff receive continuous training on this subject.



  • Our guests will be able to utilise our Spa and Turkish Bath services with an appointment.
  • Capacities in our Sauna, Turkish Bath and Steam Rooms have been restricted in line with hygienic standards.
  • Common areas such as the changing rooms, showers and WCs are periodically disinfected using antiviral and anti bacterial biocidal products. They are presented for the use of our guests with the frequency of the cleaning and disinfection procedures during the day having been increased.



  • All individual exercise equipment within our fitness centre has been arranged in accordance with the rules of social distancing.
  • Each piece of exercise equipment is disinfected prior to use and then presented for the use of the next guest.
  • All of the areas of our fitness centre and the equipment used are disinfected before the centre is opened every morning, during the lunch break when it is closed and in the evening, after closing. The air and all surfaces are also disinfected.
  • Hand disinfectants have been placed in areas which are easily accessible to guests, in our fitness centre.



Ali’s mini Club at our hotel will be at the service of our little guests, in order to ensure that they have a pleasant holiday filled with outdoor activities. Our activities will be held in wide areas, in line with the rules of social distancing.

  • As with all of our common areas, disinfection procedures with antiviral and anti bacterial products are also frequently repeated in the children’s playground.
  • Our Mini Club team is comprised of staff who have completed their hygiene training and are expert in their fields.
  • Our indoor Mini Club area will not be in service during this period, within the scope of our additional precautions, and children will not be able to be entrusted to Ali’s Mini Club.
  • An activity plan consisting of fun programmes has once again been prepared by our animation team, in order to enjoy that you have a pleasant time.



  • The chlorine, PH and temperature levels of our pools are checked in accordance with the directives and regulations of the T.R. Ministry of Health and their hygiene conditions are monitored at frequent intervals, through microbiological and chemical analyses. Our Technical Services Staff, who have received training in this area, continue their activities with extreme care.
  • The sun loungers next to our pools and on our beach have been arranged in accordance with the social distancing rules and our cleaned and disinfected by our staff after each guest leaves.
  • Group activities at the pools and on the beach are carried out in line with social distancing rules.



Valued Guests, the quality of nutrition is an undoubted factor in maintaining a strong immune system. We attach importance to your health, and therefore are preparing healthy menus comprised of the unequalled flavours of the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

All of the products which we present you, or produce, are provided by reliable suppliers. Our suppliers are inspected by our Quality Team at frequent intervals. Products are checked by a Food Engineer at both the production and the presentation stages.

Medical staff are on duty 24 hours a day at our resort, in the event of emergencies.

It will also be possible for you to obtain comprehensive medical services at hospitals, which we have entered into agreements with, in the cities and locations where our resorts are situated.

And during this period when social distancing is the rule, as Herman AMATO says, “The longest distance is neither Africa, nor China, nor India; nor is it the planets or stars which shine at night... The longest distance is the distance between two heads that do not understand each other...”

We understand you and believe that you are important and remove all distances by feeling you in our hearts. We will e waiting for you under the hot sun of Anatolia and in the deep blue seas of the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

Hoping to see you soon,

And wishing you the best of health...

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